Counseling Services

Life By Design Counseling offers:

  • Access to psychiatric services and medication management.

  • Co-Parent Counseling (to assist parents in creating a healthy co-parenting relationship to benefit their children.)

  • Integrative treatment for individuals that have both mental health and substance abuse issues.

  • Trauma treatment from a qualified and highly trained professional that is able to provide both EMDR and Brainspotting treatment.  (Want to know more about these highly effective tools? See the videos below)

  • Through a partnership with Holistic Counseling Services, LLC, Life By Design is able offer a wider variety of different services to clients such as case management and classes. 

  • A clinical professional that has experience working with a variety of different individuals and that feels everyone no matter age, race, sexual orientation, or economic status deserves affordable and quality services.



Member of the
International Association of Trauma Professionals

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